Puppy and Dog Training Classes

At Clever K9s we work on developing a bond between you and your dog. We focus on building trust and clear communication.

Clever K9s offers a variety of classes (listed below) from “Puppy Manners” to a variety of specialized classes such as “Agility” and “Nosework”. Floor rental is also available for agility/obedience practice. You can learn more about Floor Rental here.

The use of physical corrections or any other harsh training methods are absolutely not allowed in our program. All members of the family are encouraged to participate in classes, especially the children!

Please use the link below to see class availability & to sign up. If the class you desire is full you may sign up to be on the waitlist for that class. If a spot opens up you will receive an email & have 24 hours to register. Classes open 28 days prior to the start of the next session.

Core Class Info & Descriptions

Our core classes include everything you need to train your dog to be a well-behaved family member. Each class is broken into 3 components: obedience, socialization and confidence building. Exercises are modified for each individual dogs’ needs and learning style. These classes are divided by age, you must attend the class that is appropriate to your dog’s age. Our classes run on a 4 week schedule, once a week for 50 minutes. Classes are kept small with 4-5 dogs. Class sign up opens 28 days before the first day of class. Payment is due the first class.

Agility & Nosework
Agility & Nosework run, once a week for 50 minutes. Classes run with a maximum of 6 dogs per class. The cost is $160 for the 8 week session of agility. The cost is $120 for the 6 week session of nosework.

Beginner Nosework classes fill fast, watch our website for updates.

If you are interested in getting your feet wet in agility we suggest visiting Winnegamie Dog Clubs website at https://winnegamiedogclub.com/ & sign up for their “teamwork” class. They will take you through the progression so you & your dog can be your best. We do not offer beginner agility & you must be referred via WDC, a credible training facility, or have previous agility experience for intermediate & advanced classes.

Puppy Manners: Puppies 8 weeks – 5 months of age. (4 weeks, 50 min classes, 4-5 students, $100)
Curriculum consists of teaching real-life relevant skills that will set your puppy on the right track for being a good dog the rest of his life. Building a trusting relationship with his owner, socialization with other dogs and people, conquering new things in his environment and learning all important life skills are addressed in class.

Basic Manners: All dogs over 5 months or graduates of puppy. (4 weeks, 50 min classes, 4-5 students, $100)
The class can be tailored to fit a wide range of skill levels.

This class is important socially for dogs in their adolescent ages from 5 months to 18 months. It is critical for them to continue dog to human socialization. Curriculum consists of teaching real life relevant skills that will set your dog on the right track for being a good dog the rest of his life. Building a trusting relationship with his owner, socialization with other dogs and people, conquering new things in his environment and learning all-important life skills with ever increasing distractions are all expanded upon in classes. This class also is very fitting for bringing a new older dog into your household which can sometimes be more challenging than a puppy. It helps you and your new dog with the transition. We will help get your dog on track with everything from potty training an adult dog to achieving a well-mannered family dog.

Real life Skills addressed may include:
Attention to name, Leashing up, Nose touch, Stay, Wait for food bowl, Body handling, Leave it, Pass by other dogs, Settle, Table/Meal manners, Come when called, Wait in the car and doorway, Loose leash walking, Tricks, Meet and Greets, Sit and Down stays.

Drop-in Focus & Self Control

The Focus and Self Control class is designed to give students and their dogs the opportunity to build growth.  Repetition is the pathway to success.  After all, practice makes permanent!  This class will cover similar topics weekly to help progress the efficiency of those skills.  Emphasizing on creating our dogs’ value for focusing on their handlers and the ability to make their own good choices.  It’s a must have class for dogs of any age!

Any questions email us at [email protected].

Private Lessons
We offer private lessons at our facility through one of our trainers by appointment only. Any issues regarding aggression or lessons that require in-home work will be referred to a local qualified behaviorist. Call us at 920-766-9597 for more information.