The pool is closed on Monday’s for weekly maintenance.

Swim services!

Our pool is designed for three purposes — Swim, Play & Exercise! Swimming is an awesome way to burn off excessive energy and keep your dog is top physical condition while having a blast! Warm water swimming is invaluable for dogs with arthritis & other health issues that limit their mobility. We do not have a dock runway but dogs may jump into the water from the dock to work on confidence.

Our 12’x24’x4′ pool is heated & heavily filtered.   Water is tested on a daily basis & chlorine is kept at a minimum. The pool is skimmed after each swim for hair removal. Our pool room is humidity & temperature controlled year round. All equipment is aluminum, stainless or plastic for easy cleaning.


An orientation is required the first time your dog gets in the water. During the orientation you will be familiarized with the facility & procedures. We will then assess your dog’s comfort level entering & exiting the pool as well as your dog’s swimming skills. For puppies & dog’s that have never swam before, a life jacket will be used for the initial appointment.  Orientation is approximately 30 minutes for 1-2 dogs.

  • 1-2 dogs 30 minutes – $45

Unassisted swims are for dogs who passed their orientation, willingly go in & out with no assistance, often fetching or retrieving toys. A maximum of 3 dogs allowed in the pool room at a time. Unassisted swims are available in durations of 20, 30, 45, & 60 minutes allow the right timeframe for your dog.

​Free Swim services can be used for:
  • Fitness/Exercise
  • Burning off energy
  • Water Confidence building.
  • Having just plain fun in the water!
  • 20 minutes – $25
  • 30 minutes – $30
  • 45 minutes – $40
  • 60 minutes – $50

Staff-Assisted Swims are for dogs who have passed their orientation but may need a little extra help. Staff-Assisted Swims are 30 minutes with a maximum of 2 dogs.

Staff-Assisted Swim services can be used for:
  • Building confidence
  • Swim Lessons — puppy & adult dogs
  • Dogs with mobility issues
  • Dogs recovering from surgery/injury where your doctor suggested swimming but the dog may need some extra support.​
  • 20 minutes – $35
  • 30 minutes – $40
We are sorry but state & local regulations do not allow clients in the pool.
Learn more or get started today. Call 920.766.9597.


Q. Can I get in the water with my dog.

A. Sorry but State & Local regulations do not allow clients in the pool. Staff assisted swims are available.

Q. Can I have my dog practice jumping off the dock at your facility

A. Yes, but our facility was not designed for this purpose. Doing so is at your own risk.

Q. How big is your pool & dock?

A. Our pool is 12’x24’x4’. Our dock is 12’x8’.

Q. Can I bathe my dog after swimming.

A. There is a tub & dryer available. It is for rinsing & quick drying only. Time spent in the tub must be done during you scheduled swim slot.

Q. How may dogs are allowed in the pool at a time.

A. 3

Q. Do you provide towels?

A. Sorry, due to the number of dogs in the pool a day we are unable to provide towels.

Q. What should I wear.

A. Even though clients are not allowed in the pool plan on your dog getting you wet so bring a change of clothes just in case. A clean changing room is provided. Shoes are required so wear water shoes or shoes that you don’t mind if they get wet. Shoes must be clean & free of debris.

Q. Can I bring my children?

A. Yes, kids think it’s a blast! Children under the age of 10 must wear a life jacket anytime on the dock. We do have a limited number on hand.

Q. Does my dog have to wear a life jacket & should I bring one?

A. During orientation it is mandatory, the orientation instructor will suggest weather your dog needs a life jacket or not in the future. We provide high quality life jackets free of use or you can bring your own.

Q. Does my dog have to do an orientation?

A. Yes, all dogs must do an orientation. *If you were a former Swim Dog client & your dog did an orientation there let us know & we will discuss options.

Q. Why is it so hot in the pool room?

A. The room is kept at 85 degrees where the pool is kept at 84. This greatly reduces condensation & water evaporation. With this temperature, we are able to keep the humidity low.