Daycare is full Tuesday 5/7

Need to burn some excessive energy off your dog? Does your dog need some doggy socialization time? Does your puppy need extra help with house training? We can help!

At Clever K9s, your dog will have a pleasurable day consisting of playtime, relaxation, and mental exercise with a consistent emphasis on GOOD MANNERS. Puppies are taken outside on a regular schedule to encourage proper housetraining.

  • We pride ourselves on our rotational daycare system which allows dogs to have a structured day of play, exercise & rest.
  • Each dog is assigned a personal suite for the day with fresh water for during rest periods.
  • Our entire facility is temperature controlled with a combination indoor-outdoor play area
  • Our kennel area HVAC system is equipped with fresh air intake & UV lights.
  • Dogs are split up both by size & play style.
  • Dogs are constantly supervised by staff.

While your dog attends daycare, they can have any grooming services you request. Bath, nail clipping, ear plucking, trim, ears cleaned, teeth cleaned, etc. Pricing varies, depending on service. To schedule daycare for your dog, you can either fill our our online request form or call 920.766.9597 today.

New To Clever K9s?

All breeds are welcome, however each dog must pass an evaluation to attend daycare. Our evaluation consists of dropping your dog off for a minimum of 8 hours during daycare hours Monday-Friday. During that time, we will evaluate the following:

  • Body handling
  • Comfort in a suite
  • Excessive barking
  • Social skills with other dogs/staff

The cost for an evaluation is $10.00 (non-refundable regardless of results). Evaluations are good for 1 year. If your dog does not use daycare services for a 1 year period, a re-evaluation will be required (regular daycare charge).

If you would like to schedule an evaluation, fill out our CleverK9sEnrollmentForm and call 920.766.9597 to schedule a session (no walk ins please). You will need to bring your enrollment form when you bring your dog in for evaluation.


The easiest way for us to keep our records up to date is to have your vet fax or email us the updated records at the time of the vaccine. Vets will not release records to us without your consent. The responsibility of keeping your dog up to date on vaccines is between you and your vet.

Fax: 920-766-1597
Email: [email protected]

Grooming– Rabies for dogs over 5 months of age.

Daycare– Rabies for dogs over 5 months. Distemper is required. Bordetella & Lepto are recommended but not required, a waiver for each must be signed if these are not administered.

Training Classes – It is your responsibility to make sure your dogs is up to date on all vaccines. No proof is required.

  • (Rabies)- All dogs 5 months or older are required to be up to date on rabies. We must have proof on paper from a vet. The rabies tag does NOT provided us adequate information.
  • (Distemper)- Dogs are required to be up to date on the vaccine or have a titer with adequate immunity levels. Puppies must have their 2nd round of vaccines before attending any services.
  • (Lepto & Bordetella) are highly recommended but we will allow waivers to be signed accepting responsibility shall your dog come down with illness.

Spay/Neuter Policy

Dogs over 7 months old must be fixed.

Questions? Feel free to contact us today.


In loving memory of Nakia